Sri Lanka Travel Online:

Sri Lanka Travel Online:

The Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) was established as the Official body for Sri Lanka Tourism under the Tourism Act. The organization is committed towards transforming Sri Lanka to be Asia's foremost tourism destination. The SLTDA will strive to develop diverse, unique and quality tourism services and products that would make Sri Lanka as a unique destination, globally. There are 45 tourism zones have been introduced by SLTDA is order to avoid development all over the country. The developers should select site within the tourism zones in order to minimize negative impact on the environment. Further concentrating hotel in zones will also result in mitigating shows you cultural impact.

Foreign nationals who are traveling to Sri Lanka should make all their travel arrangements including tourist visa. This website facilitates Individual tours and hotel arrangements as well as sight-seeing in Sri Lanka. You are requested to contact the customer support for any assistance with your requirements. The Government has also made the visa process extremely convenient for Tourist who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for the purpose of Tourism. Online Travel Authorization is an endorsement against passports of Foreign nationals for their visit to the country and for their period of stay under the rules and regulations in Sri Lanka for such stay. Travellers who intend to tour Sri Lankan territory must have a valid visa issued by Official Authorities of Sri Lanka. Tourists can apply online through a completely electronic procedure. The form is submitted online and the grant letter against the same will be sent via email.

How Travel Works :

Click on Apply, fill the application, submit it after verifying all the information and make the payment. An email with the reference number will automatically be sent to your email address mentioned in the application form. You need to quote the application number while enquiring regarding the Visa status. You must take a hard copy of the grant letter to the airport. All tourists including children and infants must have an individual Visa to travel to Sri Lanka regardless of their age. Entry may be denied to tourists who is found to have submitted incorrect information in the application or facing any criminal charges. Visa is initially granted for 30 days valid from the date of arrival although it may be extended for up to six months period on request. You have visit the Sri Lankan Immigration department for any extension. The Visa number will always be linked to the passport number given in the application so please ensure that you travel on the same passport against you applied for.

The online visa is valid for a duration of 30 days. You are required to complete the online application form, submit and make the payment online and you may expect the normal Visa to be emailed to you in 72 hours There is a Fast Track Service as well which takes 1 business day in case of urgent travels. Please note that the applications are processed from Monday to Friday only during the business hours. All the information filled in the application must be accurate and properly verified before final submission and payment. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka. Any discrepancy found in the information will lead to denial at the Airport. You may have purchase a new one at the Airport which is not guaranteed.